Breaking point

Hey all, 

Okay – here’s my cards. I have reached boiling point and cried when confronted with the face of my old identity. My darkest secret surfaced through an unexpected moment and I had to finally face my demons and what’s held me in my own shadows for years. I spoke about my darkest conviction and I lost. 

I lost the truth of the situation in my over analysis. I finally looked myself in the mirror and voiced what I told would never see the light of day and I was not as defective as I have done for 17 years. I cried and cried when I looked inwards and realized I had persecuted myself for years for something I did not do. For something that I misinterpreted and misconstrued. I built my walls so high that I didn’t think I deserved the life I had. I always kept my distance for the fear of consequence. But yesterday, I walked straight up to those walls and touched them only to realize it was an illusion. It was paper. I walked through it only to look back and wonder why I spent so many of my years confided to a small space. I told Liv, my wonderful, beautiful, unphrased fiancée, my deepest secret only for her to shine a torch on the shadows and show me it’s just my imagination. My overactive imagination that has tricked me into thinking that I was a monster. Liv simply guided me home. She did not kick me, hurt me, beat me, turn away from me. She did not leave me. She gave me the key to my padlocks and chains and I broke free. She blew me away with her empathy and understanding. She gave me the only thing I needed but couldn’t give myself….reason. 

Today, I am different. I am processing my life. I am processing my ignorance. I am processing how I can make this better. I am trying to think about how I can make the last 17 years up to myself. All I can do is not leave today up to yesterday. I have to life my life. I need to stay and enjoy my life. No more punishment, no more excuses of why I do not deserve my life, no more self-hatred. The only thing I can do to say sorry is to move forward without the shadows. I need to stop carrying the fuel to the fire that has tarnished so many of my memories and achievements. I need to realize that I am not what I thought I was. I am just as average as the next but I can be the best that I can be if I stop being my own worst enemy. If I have learnt anything, it is that I make mistakes but I deserve happiness just as much as the next person. I am a good person and I am deserving of the life I have. 

I have broken free and it feels so good. 

Ivy xx

Enough Is Enough



Author: Ivy iris

This is my story of finding my ikigai. Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ee-ki-ɡU]) is a Japanese concept meaning "a reason for being". According to the Japanese, everyone has a hidden ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. Such a search is regarded as very important, since it is believed that discovery of one’s ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life.

12 thoughts on “Breaking point”

  1. “it is that I make mistakes but I deserve happiness just as much as the next person. I am a good person and I am deserving of the life I have.”
    SO many people need to remember this – including me! x

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  2. I had the same experience as you last week. My past came back to me in a very abrupt and very powerful way. I was sobbing in the rain and didn’t feel okay for the next 3 days. I think we all have stories we’ll never tell. We just have to learn not to let them control us.

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  3. Happened to me a day before yesterday and cried till I could write it down. “An Ode to the Unseen” is for my past I have to live with everyday. Its a void that can never be filled and some days its hurts deeper than others. Do Read it maybe it will provide some solace to you too. Know that you are loved and cared for by us and loving people around you.

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  4. First of all, congrats o facing your demons and deciding to moving ahead with it by understanding that you also have to live your life to the fullest possible extent.

    Though, I have never confronted my ‘demons’ nor moved past it, may be I never will or could. But it just warms to see that someone has. Thank you. 🙂 Kudos to you. 🙂

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