“When you read a story, it’s never comes together until the end. So your fable shall be no different. Keep fight for your own fairy tale because every tale told is a life that has been lived.”


“It’s impossible to forget that everyone has a destination. We are preprogrammed to go from A to B. However it’s easy to forget that this course is not a straight line and the B can actually be a Z”


“Even your darkness hour will have a light”


“Hope will get you on the boat, determination gets you through the door”


“Direction doesn’t demand purpose and seeing doesn’t incur an experience. Be present and breathe in all that moment has to offer. Don’t be too hasty to move on and think what’s the point? A point doesn’t have to end with a full stop. But you have to stop to see the point.”


“The world is my oyster, not my cage”


“I could be anywhere in the world but I know the distance between me and you is nothing but a few inches of wood plank”