“Life is always prettier seen in a slight daze. Like when you first wake up and you have to readjust to the world. You don’t see the details, you just wake up and take it all in.”


“Play me like I’m your favorite song”


“The masks extend behind the stage lights as these are often easier parts to play”


“The view from the bottom is just as beautiful as the view from the top. The climb is as easy as it is hard and the reward is as satisfactory as the challenge. It is in the lacuna, as someone expects something to immediately happen as if a dawn will break, that failure seeps in.”


“Catching a private moment between two lovers is incredible to behold. Whether it’s as innocent as reading a book or a stolen kiss, it’s modern day magic. The only thing better is experiencing it. It’s like living in the eye of a hurricane, you see the chaos around you but it doesn’t touch you, you don’t even feel it. It just floats on by.”


“I heard the music filtering through the archways and over the bridge. It filled my ears and travelled to my heart and stunned me to stillness. I felt your passion within the boundaries of your space but understood your desire to touch the masses.”


“To see the future, we must reflect on the path we have already walked”