Mid week surprise 

Hey all, 

I hope Everyone’s week is going okay. I was currently just updating my bullet journal for March when I get a instagrm notification light up on my iPad. I merely clicked on it only to find out that I won a photo competition!! I am so excited and slightly (not so slightly) in shock. 

Do you remember this photograph I took back I January when Liv and I went to the Lake District… 

Well the coffee shop there (instagram: cafe_in_the_courtyard) held a competition to capture the cafe and its essence. But of course I entered, I mean how could I not. I fell in love with this place and its carefree ways. If you ever get to go to the Magic that is Lake Windermere, I strongly urge you to go to the Claife Viewing Station and visit the Cafe in the Courtyard. The cake and sandwich always hit the spot and the coffee is great. Tell them Ivy sent you. 

Anyways, so today I found this…

What an amazing mid week surprise. I couldn’t wait obviously and told Liv. She told me that it’s clear you are a good photographer and how amazing I am as she always does. But then she told me that she was proud of me, “dead proud” to use her words exactly. I feel so grateful today, as I do every day, but especially today, I am so lucky to have a life full of love, laughter and beautiful people. 

Happy Wednesday all, 

Ivy xx



“That’s the thing about details, you never see them first. They are simply and beautifully waiting for you to open your eyes. For you to readjust your focus and see what was always there.”


“My necklaces hold my tales of metanoia. They hang close to my heart, wait for me to tremble and then slightly whisper, “you are enough.” And just like that, I turn the page and start again.”


Another road trip means another opportunity to see the beauty that is England. Its history is incredible and I have been blessed to live here for 15 years now. Every time I go somewhere new, I fall in love with this beautiful country.

Yesterday we went to Cliveden – beautiful hotel and stately manor home in the outskirts of London. Cliveden is an Italianate mansion and estate on the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire border. It crowns an outlying ridge of the Chiltern Hills by the hilltop village of Taplow. It’s about  2 miles from the riverside town of Maidenhead. Clive den is set on the banks about 130  feet above the River Thames with all the grounds slope down to the river. The site has been home to an earl, three countesses, two dukes, a Prince of Wales and the Viscounts Astor.

There we could follow in the footsteps of dukes, earls, and royalty as we explored a series of gardens, each with their own special charming story. From the formality of the Parterre with its vibrant floral displays to the quirky statuary and topiary in the Long Garden, the gardens will delight you in every season. The long garden was incredibly sculptured and organised. It held a sense of wealth and stature.

The formal gardens give way to secluded glades, tree-lined avenues and picturesque riverside with miles of scenic woodland walk to discover.

The house is now a luxury hotel but you can take a peek inside apparently, we didn’t but it was incredible to admire the residents at lunch and drinks in the lounges.

Enjoyed this day, it was breathtakingly beautiful

Good night




“As I retrace your steps, I feel your stories echo through me. I share your heartbeats, celebrate your triumphs and stand in awe at your ever enchanting panorama. Its still a timeless story, always bound to be meritorious.”


“If you caught my dreams, I’ll bring them to life”

Sunday story 

Hi all, 

Just a quick email to say that I left my Sunday story on my laptop at home and I am away this weekend. I’m gutted because it’s done but I will post the following Sunday. I feel it has to be a Sunday post, not a Monda or Tuesday. 

So sorry guys 

Ivy xx