“Our fridge is a fabrication of our essentials. Fruit and vegetables for the power to conquer our days. Chocolate for the days that conquer us. Butter and pastry for the baking and champagne for the merrymaking. It’s an orderly arrangement of necessary parts. It’s our balanced harmony.”


“All you can do is prepare. Prepare yourself for the uncertainty, for tomorrow, for that day. That day when opportunity knocks on your door and say I am here. Stand boldly and reply, “when your ready, I’m ready.” Be ready for that day”

Quote of the week

At the swimming pool this week,  the quote is “you cannot have a positive life and negative mind”. It’s true. 

We are all guilty of talking about our problems. It’s like an addiction. When someone says “how are you?” It’s normally a reply which follows the pattern of “I’m okay/alright/good but …….” and it’s the …… that is the problems. I had a bad day and worry it will happen again, I have relationship problems, I have no time. Sound familiar?  *raises my own hand* 

Well let’s break the habit. Talk about your joys, your positives. Before you say something like “I’ll mess it up” or “this is too difficult”, think about this one question. Did you jump to that conclusion? Did you feelings of insecurity or fear of failure speaking on your behalf.? Have you confused emotions with facts?  Probably, I do it all the time. 

This year is about balance for me… I know I will not wake up tomorrow and loss my self-depreciation overnight. But what I can do is acknowledge those fears and feeling and use them to better myself. If I am unsure – go find the answer. I am not going to jump to the conclusion that I am an idiot without the evidence anymore. It’s my balance. I want a positive life so I am given up on my negative mind. I am given positivity a chance and I’m really for the win. 

Good night, 

Ivy xx


“My first love is literature. It started with a feeling whilst scenes were set and opening lines read. It grew to admiration within the breath-catching moments and its twisting roads. And then suddenly, all at once, I was in love. It was within the broken spines, the dog-eared corners and the barely there covers of my favourite books where I learnt what love truly was. And when the world is feeling cold and unpermissible, it’s within these worn-out pages that I find myself again. I find healing and forgiveness for the world where bitterness has claimed so many of us. I find my impossible possible and I am whole again.”


“Those final stairs, keys in hand, a faint smile on her face as she dissolves the long day into a distance memory. That was her coming home just as she is always my coming home.”


“When two lovers share a moment, watch closely. It’s beautiful. It’s pure magic”

Project 365: 2

“I do not know where this path take me but it sure is a beautiful one”