“You can take nothing from this world except emotions and memories. I choose to keep mine from nubivagant adventures that are sewn into the fabric of my life.”


“We have so much beauty that we hide, the truth hidden beneath the layers of what we choose the show”


“It’s simple. This world cannot exist without computers and technology. This connects us to millions, to family afar and to the abyss that is the world. But I also believe that the world cannot exist without the old school traditions. It’s add the personal to every touch.”


“Deep connections are made by sitting on chairs, not through the likes of Facebook”


“To truly find your identity is not only a simple game of cards or Monopoly, but a game of Guess Who with your reflection”


“I take nothing but the photos and memories that I just simply cannot put into words”


“Would you like what you saw if you were on the outside looking in?”