“I found peace with the dirt, not the laundry”


“Whatever it is, make it count. Make it worth the memory it will inevitably make”


“Don’t mourn the loss of what you thought you should look like and celebrate the strokes you take and the colours you create”


“Your shell is long gone but your steps continue to echo these halls. Your skeleton keeps me warm in the darkness of night and those flickering lights remind me that you are never far away.”


“Mornings are like snowballs, they go through life picking up different accessories and new rituals – often without the knowledge that they are doing it”


“Dinner parties have many reasons but most of all it’s a chance to gather new memories with a collection of souls”


“Your faded colour, nostalgic aroma, and noticeable absence reminds me of my luckiness of a happy childhood. Imaginary grand adventures and infectious laughter floods my mind and I smile about the part you played in my becoming”