An apologetic update… 

Hey all, 

I am so sorry I haven’t been online much. March has just ran away with me with the wedding planning and the change in jobs (eventually). Life has seemed to consume a lot of my time and I can feel myself suffering from it. I miss my blog, my post, your comments, your thoughts. So thank god march is almost over. 

I am going to spend some time blogging this wedding however I must apology for the Sunday story from feb (and march). I had one line up ready to go and the individual got cold feet and asked me to withdraw their story at 2am Sunday morning. Although she did say it was nothing to do with my writing, I couldn’t help but over analysis it. It has definitely affected my desire to do another one. I have emails sitting in my inbox and for some reason, I feel unable to do them justice at present. I love my Sunday stories and I love writing them but I need so time to build my confidence back up. Bare with me all. 

Speak soon, 

Ivy xx



“My best days are not the days where I sit and watch the river flow by. They are the days that I jump in and float with the current.”


“I have the comportment of a modern day aristocrat; the craving to hear the surface noise of vinyl blaring out of my record player and the vintage love for bow ties.”


“Without a hint of luck or fate, through practice and a willful desire to make something beautiful, I choose to create my life like I design my crafts.”


“Our connection is immeasurable, our days are unending and our dreams are limitless.”


“I’ll make my character a page-turner and spine-cracker.”


“My memories are best made without shoes on”