Sunday Stories 

Mark Twain once wrote “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born…and the day you find out why.” I want to know your why. So I have decided to start doing a series on Sundays called “Sunday Stories”. Original title I know!

I want fellow bloggers out there to share their life quotes, affirmations, songs, poems and pictures, whatever it is that make them who there are. In an essence – their stories. More appropriately, their reasons of being – their ikigai. I want to connect with the world to find out how they found there ikigai with the hope to help me find mine. I want to know what makes them them to leap out of bed, the words that they choose to live by, the greatest advice they have been given…. All of it. There is a world of experience inside each of us and I want to explore it. I want to know people. I want to know the moments that defined their life.

When we think about our life and the direction you decided to take, what was the thing that changed inside you? When was the moment you realised everything had changed? What keeps you on this path now when the world seems against you?

If you are wanting to get involved and be a guest, please get in touch. All I need is your quote, song, photography and the story behind it. I will update one every Sunday around 10am. My email address is or you can go to the contact me page. I have a really good feeling about this and I want all of your stories. Please get in touch for more information or with your stories.

Until next Sunday,

Ivy xxx

The stories so far…

notallwhowanderarelost#1 – Ciara

There are many things that collectively scare us all. Making big life changes like moving house, going to university and the more unfortunate events like having an accident…




#2 – Phe
One thing that is true in this life, in every existence, is that we have our vices. Those imperfections that create chaos for us and which limit us like cages. If we are not careful, our…




#3 – Pulkit
We spend our lives living experiences that shape us. These experiences do not come with age requirements, necessary…





#4 – Miha

It seems to be that in life, our journeys can be taking a turn that leads us to darkened skies and rougher seas. The depth…