“If you cannot dine yourself, you cannot love another”


“I never can go far wrong when I am grateful for the big things, take care of the small things and enjoy the everything in between”


“I live below the canvas trees, sheltered from the preying eyes of the curious and able to run free away from the assumed”


“Miles below from where the waves kiss my toes, you will find the bonds that connects all islands. The waves will crash and storms brew above you, but below the depths of the sea is the hold that creates your strength.”


“Victimhood could take my identity. I could be the girl with the sad story attached. Instead I want to define myself, not be defined by an event over which I had no control, from a quarter of a century ago”


“Your redamancy overweighs any and all unanswered echoes”


“Let your beauty shine through the haze of waxen surface but make your presence linger as warm heat of the afterglow.”