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Hello 🙂 always the awkward “big yourself up” bit so apologizes if I sound like I am arrogant – totally not the case. So what do you need to know, well grab a mug of coffee and settle down 🙂 So welcome. I’m Ivy Iris.


The essentials:

I’m Ivy Iris
28 29 30
Over-excitable (about everything)
Always smiling (been told I poop rainbows)
Work hard at my career
Firm believer in the silver lining theory
Have the cutest dog in the world (hands down)
I don’t take myself too seriously
Love jellyfish – my favorite animal

The extras:

Love music (everything from the Beatles to cheesy pop to progressive house)
My work is challenging but rewarding.
Addicted to coffee (independent coffee shops are totally my thing)
Hopeless romantic
Self-confessed bookworm
Love a good adventure (big or small)
I have tattoos

And now the main story…

I went through something and I walked away. I walked away for an accident that could have killed me. I need to share this with you for you to understand about me. I slid down a mountain of ice into a safety net. I fractured two vertebras, had fourteen stitches in my face and had to have a hematoma drained from my forehead. But I walked away and I know I am lucky to be alive. This is what I looked like…. I warn you, it is not pretty.

The story continues…

There have been some dark days and I didn’t want to be here (not suicidal) but low enough to not be me and that my rock bottom. The point of this is that it changed me, it made me realize I am so far from who I want to be that its time for a change. It’s time to love myself and realize I am enough and I do deserve love and good things to happen to me (cue the awwww!)

So why start a blog…

  1. To find my reason for being
  2. To put me out there
  3. To love myself, realize I am enough and share that with you
  4. It’s on my list of thirty things to do before I am thirty
  5. To share what I do know about this world
  6. To make some friends along the way (so get in touch I need all the support I can get)
  7. To get advice on love, life and all that’s in-between

And what you can expect from this:

 A lot of love and romance (I am single engaged single but my life still revolves around the idea of love)
Total sarcasm (I clap my boss every time she almost sees a patient)
Me saying stupid things that make no sense but I think they do in my head
Not a lot of common sense (but I am book smart)
Midnight post of wisdom
Lots of reviews of coffee (mostly independent roasters)
A lot of my time which is the most valuable thing I could give
A little ear ache probably
Books, films, selfies, road trips and a list of things I have tried and tested

So welcome, stay awhile, I am glad you are here because I need you and your support. and please get in touch.

Until our first hello,

Ivy xxx


25 thoughts on “Start here”

  1. Hi Ivy! I went through a pretty bad accident myself. When I was 18 I was t-boned and they had to use the jaws of life to get me out of my car. (Luckily I was poor and I had an $800 beast of a car that took the hit like a champ) I actually had a cut pretty similar to yours across my left eye and then down onto my cheek and up onto my forehead. At first I was devastated. I mean I wasn’t very superficial but, I was really self-conscious and the only thing I felt good about was my skin. It took me awhile to get over it with the help of my then boyfriend and some friends. Now 6 years later hardly anyone even notices the scars when I first meet them. Don’t get me wrong they’re still there but, fading as the years move on. Love your blog btw

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    1. Thanks for your message ciara! Your are so brave and an imitation. Well done for keeping your faith that all will be okay in the end. I am about to check out your blog.

      You should consider doing a Sunday story with me. Check out the page in my blog. I want love to hear more about your experience.

      Much love,

      Ivy xx

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  2. wow, i really like this. a lot. and you! also, your lines:
    “A lot of love and romance (I am single but my life evolves around the idea of love)
    Total sarcasm (I clap my boss every time she almost sees a patient)
    Me saying stupid things that make no sense but I think they do in my head
    Not a lot of common sense (but I am book smart)
    Midnight post of wisdom” – so relatable and especially relatable to me. I am so book smart, but when it comes to common sense, i have nothing 😉 i also say things that i think make sense, but don’t. we will get along great, i just know it!

    as for the name of your blog…i absolutely love it. i love the concept and i love how thats what you right now want for yourself. you seem so strong and i just want to tell you to stay strong, and stay YOU ❤

    till we talk again xo

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    1. Thank you so much. Your comment has really touched me. Thank you for taking the time to read it and it’s nice that you feel you can relate to it. We do seem alike.

      Love your blog as well, carry on.

      Speak soon,

      Ivy xx

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  3. I don’t have much to say that you are amazing(and so is your blog). Even though I don’t know you, I am extremely proud of you. Just keep swimming shy.

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    1. Aww thank you so much. That is so kind of you to say. It’s people like you that make blogging so addictive. The sense of community and support offered unconditionally.

      Thank you again,

      Ivy xx

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  4. Wow, Ivy, what a traumatic injury! So glad you recuperated and decided to live your life in a new and more conscious manner. I had a self-inflicted injury (chainsaw cut to my foot) about 20 yrs ago that also served as a wake-up call for me and set the pace for my life now.

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  5. What a horrible accident. I’m so glad you’re feeling good now and that your wounds have healed. You weren’t kidding in your one piece about having scars. I hope you feel good and that these scars and don’t hurt you still, that it’s not going to always be painful for you physically or otherwise.

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    1. Thank you. I am doing great physical speaking. Cannot run for two years but I swim ever morning and blogging helps me to work through those feelings. I have am amazing life, full of love and I am so lucky xx

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